14th November 2018

wao.io Sites error (Error code 1002) reported

Some WAO Sites reported a status code 1002 (Site not configured) in the period from 16:50 to 17:20 CEST. We identified the source of the problem and were able to fix it. We are currently investigating what caused the problem.

Update 2018-11-15 3pm We've finished investigating the problem. We have found the cause of the 1002 errors that were delivered. The reason was a broken web service that was not automatically removed from the load balancing. In the time from 4:50pm to 5:20pm, 1.5% of client browser requests were answered with error 1002. Some clients were more affected because their browser remained on the broken web service through HTTP Keepalive.

We have extended the monitoring to find such errors faster. Also we adjusted the checks in the service so that the service is automatically removed from the load balancing when the error occurs.